Installed in the former “Oven” of the Bakers’ Corporation from 1522 and dotted with a casket of prestigious historical monuments, La Maison du Pain is a museum, as well as a bakehouse, connecting the past and the present to the future, while recounting the History of Bread.

Bread was the first compound food imagined by man after having spent countless generations harvesting. From ancient Egypt until now, bread, a true connector, has always had a special place on our table.

A museographical space presents, in a didactic way, the history of bread and wheat in our regions and around the world, the production and baking techniques, objects, machines, … an introduction to today’s bread making. Prepare your visit here!

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La Maison du Pain in a few words

a museum : the history of bread and wheat
13,000 visitors on average per year

an association : 80 members, 20 volunteers, 8 employees and 2 apprentices

a bakerhouse : Alsatian specialties, special breads, bredele, …

a shop : potteries, recipe books,

our partners 

The city of Sélestat

The federation of Bakery

Les Grands Moulins de Strasbourg (flour mills)

“Fala” yeasts

Sélestat Haut-Koenigsbourg tourism

Le Crédit Agricole

The historical aspect is essential to put bread in a time context, by presenting the evolution of its production and consumption through the centuries. However this approach is not static and projects itself in the present with the running bakehouse and shop, explicit examples of everything visitors can learn through their visit.

The cultural and educative aspect is meant to be pedagogic. Supported by the living workshop that is the bakehouse within the Maison du Pain, this aspect presents the profession of artisan baker, as well as all its underlying characteristics, such as bread cereals, tools or containers and realizations (flour bags, scales, molds, …). In addition, it develops, through illustrated presentations and temporary exhibitions, the learning and knowledge of bread making, especially for school groups.

The promotional aspects highlight the specificity as well as the originality of the Maison du Pain. The museum and the bakehouse are open to all, to remind each and everyone the worldwide vital aspect of the bread through its good taste, exuding authenticity.

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